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BMW Initiative to Help the Environment

BMW, the leading automobile brand in the market is going green with its new launch of hybrid vehicle BMW i8 which is scheduled to hit the roads of India in February. It is one of the most expected cars in India with a new and environmental friendly engine....
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Luxury Car Market Growing Rapidly

The demand for luxury vehicles is rising in China and upcoming markets. Tata Motors Ltd., Jaguar Land Rover owner, reported an increase of 18% in its fourth-quarter profit. The automaker, based in Mumbai, reported a net income increase from 22.3 billion rupees per year to 26.3 billion rupees,...
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On the Money Car Maintenance

Once your new car warranty expires, you may begin to encounter a series of small repairs that can quickly become large projects if you do not address these problems at once. Car maintenance can be costly, but putting this off can lead to even more expensive repairs. Happily,...
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